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Be Your Own Boss by Becoming an ExtremeKut
Clipper Blade Sharpener!!!

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Make money by sharpening clipper blades.
  • Earn As Much Money As You Want!
  • You Set Your Own Hours!
  • You Make the Decisions!
  • Start part-time after work and on weekends, or jump in full-time now!

Huge Blade Sharpening Demand

There are tens of thousands of animal groomers, barbers, and beauticians that need clipper blades sharpened every day and those same blades will need to be sharpened again soon!

ExtremeKut Sharpener Training

Hands-on training is available at reduced price for ExtremeKut purchasers. Call (866) 963-1990 Mon-Fri, 9 AM to 5 PM (CST).

Start Part-time

Supplement your current income by working hours after work and on the weekend. Since building a solid customer base may take time, you may want to start out sharpening blades in your spare time. As your customer base becomes substantial enough, switch to sharpening full-time. The decision is yours!

Start Full-time

If you already have connections in the grooming and/or barber & beauty industries, take advantage of those connections full-time. Dedicate your time to signing up new customers, sharpening blades, and earning $$.

Quick Return on Investment

Our most popular Extreme Kut sharpening machine pays for itself in under 2 months.*

* $6 x (30 customers x 5 blade sets/month) = $6 X 150 = $900/month

$1650 (16" Extreme Kut machine with 16" Extreme Kut double-sided wheel) / $900 per month is about 1 3/4 months

Assumptions:  A charge of $6 per blade set, each customer has 5 blade sets to sharpen every month, and you have 30 customers.

Minimal Blade Sharpening Time

Sharpening just 150 blades doesn’t take long.

150 x (3 minutes/blade set) = 450 minutes/60 minutes = 7 ˝ Hours = $900!!

Assumptions:  The time for setup and teardown of blades on the sharpener is figured at 3 minutes. This is a conservative estimate. It is feasible to sharpen blades in less than two minutes after the operator becomes familiar with sharpening on the ExtremeKut machines. The EXA21 can sharpen even more blades at one time.

Local Sharpening

Provide sharpening services to nearby cities and towns. Grab the yellow pages and search the Internet for nearby barbers and groomers. Mail a flyer to or stop by potential customers to discuss your services.

Mobile Sharpening

ExtremeKut sharpening machines are mobile capable. Install your ExtremeKut in a van to bring your sharpening services to them on-sight. Mobile sharpening will allow you to reach customers in further away towns.

Web Based Sharpening

Reach thousands of potential customers by having customers mail their blades to you. Your customer pays for the shipping to and from you. Promptly sharpen and return the blades to ensure returning customers. Web based sharpening is a great way to supplement sharpening local sharpening and mobile sharpening.

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