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ExtremeKut Clipper Blade Sharpening Machine

Whether you're a current sharpener or you're looking for a great opportunity to own your own business, the ExtremeKut clipper blade sharpening machine is for you.

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Product Details

The ExtremeKut machine is available in two sizes:
  • EXA16 - 17 1/2" x 17 1/2" x 16" tall w/feet and has a 16" Andis Factory Wheel
  • EXA21 - 23" x 23" x 20" tall w/feet and has a 21" Andis Factory Wheel
Features of both EXA16 and EXA21 machines:
  • Hinged dust control lid
  • Recessed toggle power switch
  • Rubber slip-proof feet
  • Recessed wheel helps control debris
  • Powder coated exterior
  • Mobile inverter capable for on-site blade sharpening
  • Cast aluminum advantage:
    Pits in the Andis Wheel holds grit. As the wheel speeds up, the centrifical force brings grit out of the pits allowing more blades to be sharpened before regritting.
  • Included with each sharpening machine:
    • 16oz lard oil
    • 2lb bottle of 220 grit
    • 16oz blade care
    • Test string
    • Grit applicator
    • Magnets
    • Extreme sharpening video (DVD, $29.95 value)
    • "The Andis Factory Wheel" banner (see image below).
  • RECOMMENDED: Sharpener training available at reduced price. Call for details.

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Andis Factory Wheel banner included with purchase.
Andis banner included with each machine.
ExtremeKut clipper blade sharpening machine
ExtremeKut machine and banner included with each machine.
Andis Factory Wheel is on both ExtremeKut machines
Close up of Andis Factory Wheel.
Isometric view of ExtremeKut blade honing machine
ExtremeKut clipper hone isometric view.

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